What Laws Govern Hoa Meetings in Phoenix, Arizona?

What Laws Govern Hoa Meetings in Phoenix, Arizona?

What Laws Govern Hoa Meetings in Phoenix, Arizona?

Are you about to hold your first HOA meeting in your Phoenix, AZ community? If so, you might be feeling a range of emotions, from anxiety to excitement.

As you prepare your itinerary and go over your talking points, did you know there are certain laws you need to heed? Each state sets its own guidelines for HOA gatherings, and the Grand Canyon State is no different.

Today, we're sharing the top ones to know before you get started!

Why Does Phoenix Have Laws for HOA Meetings?

When you signed up to lead your HOA board, you may have envisioned having total control over how the meetings would go. It might come as a surprise to learn that the state must impose regulations on these events.

These are in place for one reason: To make sure the rights of all homeowners are considered, and no secretive or exclusive decisions occur. The laws governing these meetings are called open meeting laws, and they apply to any group-oriented gathering where community voices are shared.

Here are the ones you need to know.

Meeting Once a Year

According to Arizona's open meeting laws, all HOAs in the state must host a public meeting once a year. Of course, you're welcome to hold more (and most HOAs do), but you must meet this minimum requirement. Most HOAs host regular meetings at pre-determined intervals throughout the year.

Sending Representation

Can't make your HOA meeting? If so, that's OK, but you'll need to designate someone to serve in your place and represent your interests. You'll need to note this replacement in writing in case there are any disputes down the road.

Informing Residents

You can't plan an HOA meeting on the fly. Rather, all residents must have advanced notice so they can make plans to be there. You must inform them of the event at least 48 hours ahead of time, with written details that include:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Location

Holding Emergency Meetings

Sometimes, a conflict or issue will occur within a community that mandates an emergency HOA meeting. When this is the case, you must ensure the issue needs to be addressed before your next, scheduled meeting time. If so, all other meeting rules apply.

Sharing the Agenda

In the interest of transparency, HOA leaders are required to prepare a written agenda before the meeting. Not only must you follow this agenda, but you must have copies available for all members who attend. This keeps the meeting on track so everyone knows what to expect.

Help With HOA Meetings and Beyond

These are a few of the top rules that govern HOA meetings in Phoenix. As an HOA leader, you know how much time and planning must go into each event you host.

Managing your HOA can be time-consuming and challenging, but we're here to alleviate some of that stress. At PMI San Tan, we can assist with all aspects of association management, from accounting and reporting duties to maintenance, inspections, and board member resources.

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