A Phoenix, Arizona Landlord's Guide to Evictions

A Phoenix, Arizona Landlord's Guide to Evictions

Whether it's due to late or non-payment, criminal activity, or property damage, all these are valid reasons for evictions. And they're prevalent in Metro Phoenix: 7,693 cases in August 2023 alone.

So, as a Phoenix landlord, you're at risk of dealing with evictions, too. Yes, you can minimize the odds by screening prospective tenants thoroughly. However, even with such a process in place, you may still face a few tenants you'd have no choice but to evict.

To help prepare you for such situations, we've compiled this guide to the Arizona eviction process. Read on to discover the laws and steps surrounding this process.

Giving the Tenant a Written Notice

Under Arizona eviction laws, landlords must give tenants proper advance notice to leave.

For non-payment or breach of lease agreement, it should be five days. As for material noncompliance, you must give the notice ten days in advance. During this period, the tenants can remedy the issue (e.g., pay the rent or correct the breach).

If a tenant commits an irreparable breach, such as criminal activity, you can serve them the notice and file a claim on the same day.

Keep a copy of the notice; you must file this with the summons and complaint when you go to court.

Filing an Eviction Action

If the tenant doesn't remedy the problem, you can go to court on the business day after your notice expires. You must go to the Maricopa County Justice Court branch serving your property's area. If you're unsure, use the online Maricopa County Interactive Elections Map.

Once you've filed and paid the court fees for an eviction complaint, the court issues a summons. It contains the date of the eviction hearing you and the tenants must attend. The hearing can be between three and six days from your filing date.

If you work with a property management company, they can file the case. Depending on your agreement with them, they may handle the entire process. They'll give the tenant proper notice, file the complaint, and attend the summons.

A reliable property management company even offers eviction protection plans and guarantees. These programs can cover some of the legal fees associated with evictions. Moreover, the company will do everything possible to re-rent your properties to the best tenants you want to keep for a long time.

Waiting for the Court's Judgment

The judge will listen to your and the tenants' side during the hearing. As the landlord, you only need to give a valid reason for the eviction and the required paperwork.

If the judge deems the tenant guilty, they'll sign the eviction judgment. This usually gives the tenant five more days before they must move out.

Let a Property Manager Handle Necessary Evictions

Now you know that evictions in Phoenix, AZ, can take weeks and cost money. However, you can reduce the risks with the help of the right property management company.

Let PMI San Tan be your property manager. As a full-service property management company, we can help you find the best tenants you'd want to keep, not evict. We also offer comprehensive eviction protection plans and guarantees.

So, reach out to us today! We'll gladly discuss how we can help you avoid the stress and costs of evictions.