3 Benefits of Getting Involved With Your HOA Board in Phoenix, Arizona

3 Benefits of Getting Involved With Your HOA Board in Phoenix, Arizona

Communities that have a homeowner's association, also known as an HOA, often have many benefits and amenities, such as maintaining property values, well-maintained exteriors, and deterring nuisance activity.

Many people reap the benefits of living in an HOA. However, a community with an HOA doesn't run itself. There is typically an HOA board of people who have either volunteered or run for the position.

Often unappreciated and unrecognized, these people help run and manage the HOA, creating a community that many want to live in. Learn about the benefits of getting involved with your HOA board in Phoenix, Arizona.

1. Help Protect Property Values

One of the main responsibilities is to maintain and increase HOA property value within the community. The goal is to ensure the homes and common areas in the neighborhood are in good condition, raising the value of the community.

As an HOA board member, you can make the regulations that community members have to follow regarding landscaping and home exteriors. You can also have a say in how common and residential areas look.

The work you do as an HOA board member can benefit the entire community. Individual property values can increase, which is great for property investments.

2. Fix Community Issues

Everyone wants to live in a safe, quiet, happy community. However, that doesn't always come naturally. One of the major HOA benefits is that the board can address problems within the community.

These may be issues that a majority of residents are facing, like high water bills, noise complaints, or issues with community amenities. There may also be issues on an individual resident level the board can try to fix.

Fixing issues and problems with the HOA community is a major responsibility of the HOA board. This ensures the community is in its best state and that residents are happy.

3. Enact or Change Rules and Regulations

A homeowner's association is in charge of making the rules and regulations that residents in the community must follow. The HOA board can also change or remove those rules if they no longer serve the community.

Maybe someone wants to change the rules about food by the community pool. Or maybe street parking makes the road too crowded.

If there is something that community members aren't happy with, they can bring it to the board to potentially change. In the end, creating a community that people are happy living in.

Join an HOA Board

HOA boards are common in condo communities, planned neighborhoods, and new developments. HOA boards help maintain the appearance of the neighborhood through rules and regulations for residents to follow.

HOA members enjoy a variety of amenities, from a safe and quiet community to well-maintained common areas. Joining an HOA board allows you to be more hands-on in the neighborhood you live in and effect positive change.

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